The Philosophy Behind Respectful Parenting

In short, respectful parenting is a philosophy of life or a way of life that involves a style of parenting, a way of accompanying children in their natural development. Always from the information about the evolutionary development of the child, active listening and subsequent sensitive responses to these needs.

This is a job without theories, but with a high level of awareness and sensitivity to respond appropriately to the needs of children. The important thing is that each family finds its priorities, possibilities and balances, without pretending to be better than anyone else. Families that are informed, use evidence and question their children's upbringing with sensitivity, are already in the line of a conscious and respectful upbringing.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that this type of parenting based on love, empathy and understanding, should be beneficial and respectful in a bidirectional way. Just as listening and consciously solving their needs is a principled request, these same values apply to parents.

A seemingly perfect child is of no use if the mother or father is burned out or at a pace beyond their health. In order to be a truly respectful upbringing, it must be respectful of all the members of the family. For this reason, we mentioned earlier the idea that each family should look for the mechanisms and dynamics that work best for them.

However, it is necessary to clarify that respectful parenting, based on unconditional love between parents and children, does not involve a checklist. If there is any practice that does not fit with the family, with their routines or with their ways of thinking, it is not a cause for alarm.

In fact, in these cases, if the needs of the children are respected and they are cared for with love and respect, but some practices are not applied, there is no problem! In this case, a model of respectful parenting would still be followed, since what the child needs is being supplied.

Let's not be tempted to operate according to the dichotomy of traditional or respectful parenting! There is no such thing as perfection, nor are extremes good!

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Raising in a respectful way is not about scoring points to be on the side of the "cool" families who co-sleep, practice babywearing or baby led weaning. All these are symptoms or manifestations of a new way of understanding education and upbringing, but they remain empty if there is no depth.

Nor does it consist of conforming to positive discipline, or to any current that sets specific guidelines. Respectful parenting is based on parenting with respect. This means listening and connecting with our children and being able to understand and care for them as individuals and to meet their needs, whether basic or emotional.

En resumen: ¿qué es la crianza respetuosa?

Criar de forma respetuosa no consiste en sumar puntos para estar en el bando de las familias “guays” que colechan, practican el porteo o baby led weaning. Todo esto son síntomas o manifestaciones de una nueva manera de entender la educación y la crianza, pero que queda vacío si no hay una profundidad.

Tampoco consiste en ajustarse a la disciplina positiva, ni a ninguna corriente que marque pautas concretas. La crianza respetuosa se basa en el hecho de criar con respeto. Esto significa escuchar y conectar con nuestros hijos y ser capaces de entenderles y atenderles, tanto a ellos como personas, como de suplir sus necesidades ya sean básicas o emocionales.