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The Amarsupiel chrysalis baby carrier T shirt for dad is a revolutionary, ergonomic baby carrier, adjustable both on the inside and through the outer wrap part. It has 3 support layers. The baby sits on the inside, then you can adjust the fabric, as though it were an elastic sling. The fabric that comes into contact with the baby is 100% cotton certified non-toxic and heavy metal-free. Ideal for the early months. Up to 8kg. Watch our tutorial videos on our official Amarsupiel social media pages and on our website. Manufactured in the EU


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Amarsupiel Chrysalis Baby T-shirt Carriers for Dads

The Amarsupiel chrysalis t-shirt baby carrier is an easy, simple, and ergonomic way of babywearing. It is an adjustable carrier that is suitable for newborns weighing 2.5-9 kg. Additionally, the male t-shirt allows you to make adjustments according to the baby's height and weight. Everything about this product makes life easier. It is even machine washable! This is the ideal babywearing shirt for dads who are looking for something different than tying a traditional wrap.

Amarsupiel Male Chrysalis Baby Carrier T-shirt

The men’s babywearing t-shirt is a safe, ergonomic carrier system. It also complies with European regulations for safe baby carriers. This comfortable product has padding, which will support both your back and your baby's. This distributes weight evenly along your shoulders. In addition to the lumbar support, it comes with more light cushioning, including padded shoulder straps, for even greater comfort. There are also waist belts that securely fasten the product onto the wearer's body.

These carriers for dads have been reviewed by certified health care providers and babywearing experts. The cotton is made of 5% spandex mesh fabric, allowing for simple adjustments. These carriers can easily adapt as your baby grows. Also, the interior comes with a type of "kangaroo bag". This ensures that your baby's hips will be safe and develop properly. It keeps the hips in an "M" position, as recommended by pediatricians and physical therapists.

Another great benefit of this method of babywearing is that it allows for free movement. Read more about that in our blog.

Finally, the baby t-shirt carriers for dads come with two straps of fabric of the same material. These straps help with adjustment and reinforcement, in order to wrap the baby for 100% safe and ergonomic carrying.

It is very important to watch the video tutorial prior to using this product for wearing your baby. You must have proper placement of the garment, so that you carry your baby ergonomically. Want to learn more about babywearing t-shirts? Read our blog here. 

The baby t-shirt carriers for dads, specifically the chrysalis model, are Amarsupiel's star product. They allow for skin-to-skin carrying between the father and newborn. This will strengthen the bond between the two of them from day one. Watch your baby fall asleep in the arms of their father. All in all, this is a comfortable, secure carrier that will give a unique father-child experience.

Below is a size guide. The chest area is very important when picking out a size. It is also essential to know that the garment must fit snugly to be able to secure the baby. We also have the t-shirt carrier in a long sleeve fit.


Sizes S M L XL XXL

Chest 101-104 109-112 117-120 125-128 133-136

Waist 84-87 92-95 100-103 108-111 116-119

Hip 93-96 101-104 109-112 117-120 125-128

Long T-shirt 64 67 70 72 74

Equivalent Size 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54

Certifications of Quality and Materials for the Baby T-shirt Carriers for Dads

Finally, we want to point out that this t-shirt is made of a technical fabric developed by Spanish textile engineers. It also comes with some of the most prestigious textile quality certifications. Here is a list of some of them:

GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD (GRS): Textiles come from recycled materials and are produced using responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices.

OEKOTEX STANDARD 100: Human-environmental safety in the use of products that contain the chemicals used in production of Amarsupiel's textiles. This covers all steps of the process, from production to labeling.

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD: Certified organic cotton used in Amarsupiel baby carriers.

SO 9001:2012 for an effective quality management system.

All baby carrying products conform to European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1:2005 06. These products are produced entirely in Spain and Germany. Both their materials and production uphold a fair price for all parties involved in their processes.

IMPORTANT: Prior to using the baby t-shirt carriers for dads, please watch the video tutorial. It is essential to place the baby correctly, in order to have ergonomic, secure carry positions. The child should be positioned to be front facing inward. Also, make sure that there is proper head support while you hold your baby. The t-shirt fabric can even wrap around the baby's head, providing incredible support.

Finally, I want you to know that Amarsupiel is a family business created by and for mothers. Women who are looking to meet the emotional and psychological needs of their children. Making skin-to-skin contact a priority. Carefully choosing baby carriers that guarantee a comfortable, ergonomic, and happy carrying.

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