Amarsupiel Chrysalis Baby Carrier T-shirt

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The Amarsupiel chrysalis baby carrier T shirt is a revolutionary, ergonomic baby carrier, adjustable both on the inside and through the outer wrap part. It has 3 support layers. The baby sits on the inside, then you can adjust the fabric, as though it were an elastic sling. The fabric that comes into contact with the baby is 100% cotton certified non-toxic and heavy metal-free. Ideal for the early months. Up to 8kg. Watch our tutorial videos on our official Amarsupiel social media pages and on our website. Manufactured in the EU


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Amarsupiel Chrysalis Baby Carrier T-shirt

The Amarsupiel chrysalis t-shirt is an ergonomic baby carrier that seamlessly adjusts to the baby's body. Different from other babywearing shirts, our product is evolutionary. This means that it can adapt both to the child's height and weight. This is extremely useful, as babies are always rapidly growing. It is also very convenient for caretakers, as all carrying can be done hands free!

The Amarsupiel baby carrier t-shirt is made exclusively in Spain. It is made out of Oekotex certified, technical cotton fabric. This guarantees that the product and its dyes are free of toxins and heavy metals.

This garment, thanks to the chest openings in its fabric, allows the infant to be breastfed while inside. Later, once the baby has outgrown the product as a carrier, it can still be used as a breastfeeding shirt. Additionally, this Amarsupiel carrying and breastfeeding shirt is reinforced along the wearer's back. It also has padding along the baby's back for extra comfort. The shirt is suitable to carry your baby from 2.5-9 kg. In our online store, it is available in both beige and black.

Amarsupiel Chrysalis Baby Carrier T-shirt

This babywearing shirt allows the baby to be placed inside in an ergonomic position. It mimics the "marsupial pouch", which is a way the kangaroo care for its young. This product is a combination between our elastic baby wrap and a classic babywearing shirt. The interior pouch is very similar to that of the elastic wrap, which is created using the "wrap-around cross" knot. Different from the wrap, the shirt's pouch is already sewn in. However, the degree of support and tightness can be adjusted using the tie-able straps of fabric.

Additionally, the shirt is reinforced at the baby's back, as well as the wearer's. This provides more comfort and support. When placing the baby, it is very important to adjust it to their size. This is essential in creating the ergonomic position, recommended by pediatricians, physical therapists, and babywearing consultants.

This Amarsupiel product is manufactured in Spain and complies with European standards for safe carrying. The goal of the baby carrier t-shirt is to simulate a "return to uterus" feeling. This comforting experience is very helpful, especially in times of uncontrollable crying or colic. This carrier also promotes skin to skin-to-skin contact, which strengthens the bond between the baby and the wearer. Another great feature is that it helps prevent hip dysplasia and plagiocephaly.

Prior to using the shirt, it is important to watch the video tutorial. Proper placement of the baby is essential in creating that ergonomic position. We also have a blog that offers great information about many aspects of parenting. Ever wondered about all of the benefits from this method of natural babywearing? You can read all about it here: https://blog.amarsupiel.com/beneficios-del-porteo-natural-en-el-desarrollo-del-bebe-2/#more-7993

When selecting your baby carrier t-shirt, it is essential to find the correct size. The product should fit snugly, so that the baby is properly supported when being wrapped inside. This is very important to remember. Please look at our size guide below. Pay special attention to the chest measurements, as that is the most significant factor in guaranteeing safe carrying.


Sizes S M L XL XXL

Chest 91-94 99-102 107-110 115-118 123-126

Waist 75-78 83-86 91-94 99-102 107-110

Hip 85-88 93-96 101-104 109-112 117-120

Long T-shirt 60 62.5 65 67.5 70

Equivalent Size 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54

In addition to this chrysalis t-shirt carrier, we have other models available on our site. Check out the carrier t-shirt for dads.

or the long sleeve t-shirt for the colder months.

Certifications of Quality and Materials for the Amarsupiel Chrysalis Baby Carrier T-shirt

This baby carrier is made entirely in the European Union. It is made of a technical fabric, developed by Spanish textile engineers. It has been designed to provide a durable, optimal fit for both the wearer and baby. This garment has been designed, with the assistance of expert professionals, by mothers, for mothers.

All available Amarsupiel products comply with carrier standards and come with excellent quality certifications:

GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD (GRS): Textiles come from recycled materials and are produced using responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices.

OEKOTEX STANDARD 100: Human-environmental safety in the use of products that contain the chemicals used in production of Amarsupiel's textiles. This covers all steps of the process, from production to labeling.

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD: Certified organic cotton used in Amarsupiel baby carriers.

SO 9001:2012 for an effective quality management system.

All baby carrying products conform to European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1:2005 06. These products are produced entirely in Spain and Germany. Both their materials and production uphold a fair price for all parties involved in their processes. Made for ethical purposes only.

Finally, I want you to know that Amarsupiel is a family business created by and for mothers. Women who are looking to meet the emotional and psychological needs of their children. Making skin-to-skin contact a priority. Carefully choosing baby carriers that guarantee a comfortable, ergonomic, and happy carrying.

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