Amarsupiel Ergonomic Baby Carrier Gray

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The new Amarsupiel evolving baby carrier in grey is the best baby carrier on the market. It is an adjustable, padded, breathable and adjustable baby carrier, made of 100% organic cotton and with OEKO-TEX certification. Suitable from 4-6 months and up to 3-4 years of age. Its practical and elegant design, together with the quality of its manufacturing materials, make it the best backpack for carrying your baby.


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Ergonomic Amarsupiel Gray Baby Carrier 

The new gray Amarsupiel ergonomic baby carrier is the best baby carrier on the market.This revolutionary baby carrier is adjustable, padded, breathable, and made from 100% Oekotex certified cotton. This child carrier is designed for 6 months - 2 years of age. Its practical and stylish design, along with its high quality materials, make it the best backpack to carry your baby. This product is also machine washable. 

The Versatile and Comfortable Baby Carrier Backpack

The Amarsupiel gray ergonomic backpack is multi-positional. You no longer have to rely solely on hip carrying. This product allows you to carry your baby in many positions: front, back, and more.

You can carry your baby facing outwards, so it can observe its environment and learn with the external stimuli. Or, if you place your baby facing you, instead of outward facing, you both will benefit from the kangaroo method. Here are more benefits from this natural carrying method.

Additionally, due to the backpack's amazing lumbar support, the baby will be in a comfortable position that facilitates its development. For example, it helps keep your baby's hips healthy and prevent hip dysplasia. For the caretaker, it is also very comfortable to wear. 

It is very easy to put on and use until the baby reaches 20 kg. This backpack is made from organic cotton and stands out for its ease of placing and securing the child. 

Furthermore, this backpack is adjustable, meaning it adapts to the baby's body. It secures a safe, ergonomic position that prioritizes healthy development, especially for the baby's hips. Although it is recommended for use once your baby reaches 6 months, everyone is different and develops at different speeds. 

You may also use weight as a guide. The recommended minimum weight is 4 kg. Also, take into consideration whether your baby is holding its head up on its own. 

This Amarsupiel backpack comes with many quality certifications. The OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that the product does not contain harmful substances or textiles. It also proves that the product has been manufactured in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. 

By using 100% organic cotton, made of natural fibers, this product is guaranteed to be breathable. This ensures that both the baby and the wearer will not get too hot or sweaty. This technology, coupled with its elegant design, make this product the best baby carrier on the market. 

Different Baby Carrying Backpacks

If you are looking for a baby carrying backpack with a good quality-price ratio, this is your best option. We also have different models, so you can always find the best backpack that fits your style. If your baby is still very small, we have other baby wearing products, like the stretchy wrap. You can start carrying from the first months of your baby's life with this super soft wrap: https://www.amarsupiel.com/en/ergonomic-baby-carriers/baby-wrap-sling-carriers/amarsupiel-baby-wrap-carrier#/5-colour-grey 

Baby wearing, in addition to allowing you to be hands free, has many benefits for your baby. It will strengthen the bond between the two of you. The baby will also feel more safe and secure from being so close to you.

Our backpacks provide all of the movement and comfort you need to do any activity in any place. All of this can be done while being with your baby. 

This product is especially unique because you can carry your baby in a front facing position. 

The best baby carrier out there! Looking for more colors? We have four others! Here is our beige.

Start baby wearing with Amarsupiel! 

Certifications of Quality and Materials for the Ergonomic Gray Baby Carrier

Amarsupiel's Amoeba ergonomic gray baby carrier, as well as our other ergonomic carriers, have several quality certifications: 

GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD (GRS): Textiles come from recycled materials and are produced using responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices. 

OEKOTEX STANDARD 100: Human-environmental safety in the use of products that contain the chemicals used in production of Amarsupiel's textiles. This covers all steps of the process, from production to labeling.

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD: Certified organic cotton used in Amarsupiel baby carriers.

SO 9001:2012 for an effective quality management system.

All baby carrying products, including the Amarsupiel ergonomic gray baby carrier, conform to European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1:2005 06. These products are produced entirely in Spain and Germany. Both their materials and production uphold a fair price for all parties involved in their processes. 

Finally, I want you to know that Amarsupiel is a family business created by and for mothers. Women who are looking to meet the emotional and psychological needs of their children. Making skin-to-skin contact a priority. Carefully choosing baby carriers that guarantee a comfortable, ergonomic, and happy carrying.

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