Rigid zebra scarf

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JACQUARD fabric scarf made of 100% cotton, grammage of 295 gr.

Carrying and secure support, secured with a point-by-point adjustment.

Of all the carrying systems, the sling is the most versatile since it allows a large number and variety of knots to be made: front carrying (with the baby facing in), rear carrying and rear carrying. asymmetric or hip.

Suitable for premature babies and newborns, up to 4 or 5-year-olds or up to 25 kilos.


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What are the characteristics of the Amarsupiel rigid baby wrap?

The rigid scarf by Amarsupiel is a carrying system made up of a JACQUARD woven fabric 460 cm long x 70 cm wide.

At first it will seem like a large canvas, but don't worry! It is precisely that length and width that allows you to carry your baby comfortably and in many different ways.

JACQUARD fabric is a type of fabric made of 100% cotton, with a very soft texture but consistent at the same time. This is one of the reasons why this rigid scarf is perfect for safe and ergonomic carrying with extra support. It has a golden tone and a pattern of printed zebras, which in addition to being comfortable, this scarf is very combinable.

It has the STANDARD 100 OEKOTEX ® certification, which guarantees that its fabric is respectful with the environment and with your baby's skin. His touch will be pleasant for both you and your baby, so forget about possible irritations on his delicate skin!

Equally, if they suck the fabric there will be no danger: its respectful design and production is free of heavy metals or harmful substances. You can rest easy because all our products meet the emotional and psychological needs of the baby, respecting and promoting their growth safely!

How do you put on the rigid scarf?

The baby sling is a very versatile carrying system, useful for carrying your baby newborn up to 15 kilos. If your baby is premature, you can also carry it in our rigid scarf with a zebra pattern.

Placing it correctly and ensuring ergonomic carrying takes some practice. On our YouTube channel you can access a series of explanatory videos. In them, you will learn quickly and easily how to place the baby sling for a front carrying.

Also, you will learn how to put the scarf on so that you can breastfeed comfortably with it on and how to pre-tie, a fundamental step for ergonomic wearing with a scarf.

What is the difference between an elastic scarf and a rigid scarf?

The rigid scarf is similar to the scarf made of elastic fabric. The only difference is that, as it has a greater grammage, 295 grams, it is necessary to adjust it point by point.

Why is it called a rigid scarf?

It is called rigid not because it is rough in texture. It simply means that this scarf is not as elastic as other scarves, among which are elastic scarf and the bamboo scarf.

In short, rigid slings are very versatile and consistent carrying systems, perfect for carrying newborns and even premature babies.

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