Amarsupiel baby carrier for newborn babies

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New Amarsupiel carrier for newborns: evolving and completely adaptable to your newborn baby so you can carry him or her from the very first moment.

Its detailed design makes this carrier the best on the market for newborns: padded, adjustable, breathable and respectful of your baby's growth.

Made of 100% organic cotton JACQUARD and OEKO-TEX ® certified.

For newborn babies up to a maximum of 15kg (2 years). WARNING!!! Delivery delays on this product of 1 week!!!!


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Features of the new baby carrier for newborns

Our new Amarsupiel baby carrier is specially designed for carrying newborns. Moreover, as it is evolutionary, it will be a great investment that you will be able to use until your baby weighs 15 kilos.

Thanks to its carefully studied and detailed construction, your baby will have a kind of seat inside the carrier, which in itself guarantees ergonomic carrying.

This is really important to ensure the correct development of the baby, especially in these early months when, for example, the bones of the skull have not yet closed.

Precisely, the Amarsupiel baby carrier for newborns promotes correct postural hygiene, avoiding recurring problems in babies such as hip dysplasia or plagiocephaly.

In addition, its JACQUARD fabric is really soft, as it is made of 100% cotton. It is pleasant to the touch and, at the same time, very resistant thanks to its weight of 295 gr.

Our baby carrier for newborns is a safe investment in your baby's well-being and practicality, as this baby carrier will withstand the pace of everyday life, all with your baby close by and your hands free!

What position will my baby adopt in the baby carrier for newborns?

Inside the carrier your baby will feel safe and very protected as it will adopt the froggy posture, very similar to the fetal posture that it had inside the womb, during the 9 months of pregnancy.

This is a very natural and beneficial way for babies, especially for babies as small as newborns and premature babies.

In summary, the position that your baby will have inside the backpack specifically for newborns is the best for their correct development.

Here is a checklist for you to see if an ergonomic posture is respected.

  • The baby should have a “C” back.
  • The legs have to make an “M”.
  • The carrier should be supported from the knee to the knee, avoiding resting the weight on the genitals.
  • The baby should be up for a kiss.

Benefits of carrying with a backpack for newborns

  • Natural posture. For nine months, the baby has been in the so-called fetal position. This is very similar to the frog pose, which you will have inside the baby carrier.
  • The baby will cry less. Your baby, having you close, will feel safe and very protected, so you can more easily meet that need for contact, the basis of a secure attachment in your baby's first months.
  • You can continue with your day to day with your hands free . Having your baby close by will allow you to continue attending to day-to-day tasks, while you have the assurance that your little one or little one is calm and very safe.
  • Carrying increases muscle tone and the physiological curvature of the carrier's back. Also, it favors the correct development of the baby's hips. In fact, carrying a carrier prevents hip dysplasia and also plagiocephaly.

Certificates of the Amarsupiel baby carrier backpack for newborns

The preparation and manufacture of all Amarsupiel products is extremely careful so that it is respectful with your baby and, also, with the environment. Below, we list a selection of the quality certificates that all our products have:

  • Global Recycling Standard. Sustainability is one of the fundamental commitments of Amarsupiel. For this reason, we are fully committed to respecting the environment in our manufacturing processes, in the quality of our products, in the use of resources and, also, in their recycling.
  • OEKOTEX STANDARD 100. This certification shows that all our baby carriers are respectful of the health of your baby and the health of the planet. This certificate ensures that no heavy metals or harmful substances have been used in the production process.
  • GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD. All Amarsupiel products are made with organic cotton.
  • SO 9001:2012. Our porting systems exceed this quality control required for this type of product.
  • European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1:2005 06. If we say that with our baby carriers you will have a comfortable and, above all, safe carrying experience, it is because we can certify it.

If you have any questions about the correct placement of the baby carriers or any other doubt about the availability of any of our products, you can contact us by sending an email to the address quieroamarsupiel@amarsupiel.com. We will solve all your doubts! Happy portering 😉

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