• Place the baby in a sitting position on the inside of the crossover, in the foetal position or the “frog” position.
  • Raise the outer band as a triple support.
  • Place the head to the side, making sure that the airways are uncovered, leaving the baby free to breathe.
  • You can cover the baby head with the upper crossed band.

Precautions and recommendations:

  • The material is made up of more than 90% cotton that is dermatologically tested and sturdy enough to hold up to 7kg.
  • To maintain the garment, you are advised to wash it in cold water with pH-neutral soap. Amarsupiel uses very high-quality fabric.
  • Nevertheless, try to stretch the fabric as little as possible when putting in and taking out the baby. If the stitching becomes loose, do not use it to carry your baby Use common sense: do not carry your baby when cooking, doing sport, etc.
  • It is important to watch the video to make sure the baby is in the correct ergonomic position. More information: www.amarsupiel.com