Congratulations, you've got your hands on the Amarsupiel organic and evolutionary mei tai!

The mei tai by Amarsupiel is an organic cotton baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby up to 2-3 years of age. In order to guarantee ergonomics, the mei tai is evolving. Thanks to its design, it can be adjusted in width and length to adapt to the baby's growth.


It is important to position the baby correctly in the device. To do this, I leave you a couple of video tutorials so you can see how to carry ergonomically from the front and on the back: 


  • Place the baby sitting inside the mei tai, in the foetal or "froggy" position. It is important that the buttocks are supported by the fabric of the baby carrier and not directly on the body, so that the hips are tilted.

    Tighten the straps firmly by crossing them over the back. Then pull the straps across the front, opening the fabric wide and tucking the baby's bum in tightly. Finally, pass the straps under the hips and fasten at the back with a double knot.

    Place the baby's head to one of the sides, making sure that the airways are free and making sure that the fabric respects the natural curvature of the baby's back.

    You can cover the baby's head with the hood to protect him from the sun or rain ;-)

Precautions and recommendations:

  • The garment is made entirely in the EU. The fabric composition is 100% high quality certified organic cotton. It is Oekotex certified, which guarantees that the fabric is free of toxins and heavy metals.

    For a good conservation of the garment it is advisable to wash cold and with neutral soap. Wash before use.

    Use the mei tai with common sense: avoid carrying it when you are going to cook hot meals, do sport...

    And for everything else... Happy infinite embrace!