Congratulations, you have in your hands an original, practical, and simple baby carrier to wear in an ergonomic way. Thanks to its design it is ideal for breastfeeding and at the same time has abdominal support, perfect for postpartum.

 It is very important to view the video tutorial, where we show you step by step how to place it:


  • Place the baby sitting inside the garment, in the fetal or "frog" position. Always with the bum towards the notch of the garment, looking for the hip to be slightly tilted.

    Fasten buttons for added security.

    Cross the fabric of the front bands on the back and the baby's bum. Make sure it is well stretched. Pass the fabric under the hamstrings and fasten at the back.

    Place the baby's head to one of the sides, making sure that the airways are free.

    You can cover the baby's head with the upper cross band.

    The sensation with the well-placed garment must be firm, in order to give the baby the sensation of being in the womb again.

Precautions and recommendations:

  • The composition of the fabric is more than 90% cotton, dermatologically tested, with OEKOTEX certification. A certification that guarantees that the garment is free of toxins and heavy metals. In addition, it has a high grammage to support up to 9 kg of weight.

    For a good conservation of the garment, it is recommended to wash cold and with neutral soap.

    Amarsupiel uses very high quality fabrics made in the EU. Even so, try to stretch the fabric as little as possible when inserting and removing the baby.

    If it unravels, it should not be worn

    Use it with common sense: do not wear it when you are going to cook hot dishes, play sports...

    And happy infinite hug ;-)