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Congratulations, you've got your hands on the Amarsupiel ring sling!

The Amarsupiel baby sling is a cotton baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby from birth. It is one of the most versatile carrying devices. You can carry with the sling from the front, from the side and from the side. Its ring adjustment system allows for quick and easy fitting. However, you have to spend a little time to do it in such a way that it provides good support.

For this, here are a couple of video tutorials so you can see how to carry ergonomically and safely with the baby sling: 


  • Stretch the fabric and tuck it neatly under both rings, then pull the fabric through the middle of both rings.

    Make sure that the fabric is arranged in an accordion style so that you can make the stitch-by-stitch adjustments later.

    Try to leave more slack in the middle of the fabric than at the edges, so that when you put the baby in, a "good seat" is created.

    Put the sling over your shoulder with the ring as high as possible. Gather the excess fabric around your back as you lift the baby in.

    Make sure that the fabric in the space between the two of you reaches the baby's belly button. Tighten firmly by pulling the fabric that is left over on your back towards the ring. And that's it ;-)


    To lower the baby, you don't need to remove the fabric from the ring. Just loosen it a little and it will be more comfortable when you want to put him back in the sling. All you have to do is adjust it again ;-)

    Place the baby's head to one of the sides, making sure that the airways are free and make sure that the fabric respects the natural curvature of the baby's back.

    When the baby is a newborn, you can cover its head to give it support.

Precautions and recommendations:

  • The garment is made entirely in the EU. It is Oekotex certified, which guarantees that the textile is free of toxins and heavy metals.

    For a good conservation of the garment it is advisable to wash in cold and with neutral soap. Wash before use.

    Use the baby sling with common sense: avoid carrying your baby when you are going to cook hot meals, do sport...

    And for everything else... Happy babywearing and happy infinite cuddling.