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The Mei Tai Evolutive by Amarsupiel is an original baby carrier, similar to a backpack that allows carrying from 4-6 months to 3-4 years. Thanks to its design, it can be adjusted to adapt to the baby's growth. The fabric is made of high quality organic cotton. Please read the instructions, videos and recommendations before using this wonderful baby carrier.


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Mei Tai Beige Baby Carrier

The Amarsupiel mei tai baby carrier is an evolutionary babywearing product. It can be used for the age range of 6 months - 2-3 years of age. Its design allows the wearer to adjust the carrier incrementally, allowing it to adapt to the growth of the baby. Make sure to also read the instructions and recommendations before use.



Place the baby to be seated inside the pouch in a fetal or "frog" position. 

Adjust the straps to ensure an ergonomic carrying. 

Place the baby's head facing sideways, making sure that their airway is free and unrestricted. 

You are able to cover the baby's head with the hood if desired.

Precautions and Recommendations: 

The fabric is made of over 100% certified high quality, organic cotton.

Wash the garment on cold with mild soap. Wash before use. 

Amarsupiel uses fabrics that are certified to be safe and free of toxins and heavy metals.

Use common sense when babywearing with this product: don't use this baby carrier while cooking, playing sports, etc.

Amarsupiel Mei Tai Beige Baby Carrier

The evolutive mei tai is an ergonomic baby carrier suitable for babies from 6 months to 3-4 years of age. It is an evolving mei tai, which can be adjusted to the width and height of the baby, being a carrying system similar to that of backpacks. The main difference is that the upper straps are long and can be knotted in multiple positions, making it very versatile and guaranteeing perfect bone and muscle development of the baby. This guarantees optimal bone and muscle development of the baby.  

The design of the evolving mei tai allows the weight to be distributed differently on the shoulder, giving this system great versatility and allows the baby to be placed either on the front, back or even on the hip. 

This baby carrier is recommended for use from the age of 6 months and our baby carriers and slings are more suitable for newborns. 

The main characteristics of the beige evolving mei tai by Amarsupiel are ergonomics, comfort and versatility, as well as being very light. 

The beige evolving mei tai is made in Spain with a resistant fabric made of organic cotton. The baby's comfort is guaranteed by its padded areas in the support area of the hips. It also has an adjustable hood to protect him from rain and sun.  

Quality Certificates for the beige evolving mei tai and its Materials 

The entire range of Amarsupiel baby carriers has several quality certifications, including the beige evolving mei tai. 

Global Recycling Standard. This indicates the recycled content of our textiles, as well as socially, environmentally and chemically responsible practices in their production processes. 

OEKOTEX STANDARD 100: Which certifies that the fabrics we work with at Amarsupiel are free of toxins and heavy metals. We also talk about dyeing, embroidery and screen printing. 

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD: Certified organic cotton in specific baby carrier systems such as baby carriers and evolving mei tai.  

SO 9001:2012 for an effective quality control system in the production chain. 

To conclude, we would like to add that all Amarsupiel baby carriers comply with the European Standard UNE-EN 13209-1:2005 06 for safe carrying systems, which guarantees that they are products manufactured entirely in the European Union. And that, both their gender and their production advocates a fair price for the entire production chain.  

Amarsupiel is a company created by and for mothers who seek to meet the psycho-emotional needs of their little ones. Happy babywearing!

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